Popular Australian Milk Brand Made By Cow in Voluntary Administration

An Australian milk brand that was highly cherished by consumers has declared its voluntary insolvency, leaving its loyal customers in a state of profound distress.

Known as Made By Cow, this brand was distributed in major supermarkets like Coles and Woolworths, as well as independent retailers, and had gained a devoted following for its claim of being the “world’s first cold-pressed raw milk.”

In Australia, the sale of unpasteurized milk has been prohibited since the 1940s. Nevertheless, proponents of “raw” milk argue that it is more natural and safer for children, as they believe vital nutrients are destroyed during the pasteurization process.

However, this New South Wales-based business, owned by multiple shareholders including ROC Capital, Light Warrior Investments, and Bega, distinguished itself by utilizing high cold water pressure technology instead of heat to eliminate harmful bacteria in its milk.

Following an extensive and meticulous procedure, the milk, sourced from a specific herd of 300 Jersey cows, received approval for sale from the NSW Food Authority in 2016.

Despite experiencing significant demand, leading the company to expand its presence to over 300 retailers in 2019, Made By Cow has regretfully announced the permanent discontinuation of its raw milk range.

“It is with deep sadness that we inform you that Made By Cow will cease operations and has entered voluntary administration with KordaMentha appointed,” stated the brand’s CEO, Wade Porter.

“We are immensely proud of our remarkable journey and the creation of a genuinely innovative product that was enjoyed by thousands of loyal customers.

“In recent years, we experienced strong growth, with our business expanding by more than 50 percent annually.

“However, due to the prevailing climate of uncertainty, rising interest rates, and inflation, our business has faced economic challenges and disruptions in the supply chain. Consequently, we have made the extremely difficult decision to halt production.”

A 1.5L bottle of their “Jersey milk” had recently been priced at $7.95, making it the most expensive milk available on the market.

Last year, the brand was compelled to raise prices due to escalating expenses for milk, transportation, and labor.

“Rising prices have impacted everyone lately, and unfortunately, our business has also felt the effects,” read a statement on the Made By Cow Instagram page.

“While this was a tough decision, it was necessary for us to remain a sustainable business and ensure that we pay a fair and premium price to our dairy farmers.

“We express our gratitude to those who continue to support us during this challenging time.”

Made By Cow was hailed as a transformative force in the dairy industry, utilizing the same high-pressure processing (HPP) that has become popular in the production of cold-pressed juice.

The brand contended that HPP preserved the live enzymes in milk, unlike traditional heat-based pasteurization methods.

“A cold-pressed approach avoids the negative effects on milk, such as diminishing vitamins and enzymes, that occur during heat-based processing,” explained a brand spokesperson to news.com.au in 2019.

“It offers the same qualities as raw milk but without the presence of bacteria.”

Devoted fans of this Australian-made product wasted no time expressing their disappointment on Instagram, with many declaring it as the only milk their families consumed.

“This is devastating; it’s the only milk our family drinks. We even buy extra when we go on vacation and can’t find it wherever we’re going,” lamented one customer.

Another customer expressed, “This is truly heart-wrenching news about your closure. It’s always disheartening when a business faces such challenging times.”

Made By Cow joins the ever-growing list of Australian businesses succumbing to the strains of the cost of living crisis.

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