Woolworths’ Everyday Rewards Program Faces Backlash Over Changes

Woolworths’ Everyday Rewards Extra program has recently undergone several changes that have left shoppers extremely frustrated as the modifications have significantly reduced the program’s value.

The retailer, which only launched the program last year, has announced three major adjustments. Firstly, the annual subscription fee has increased from $59 to $70. Secondly, members will no longer be able to avail of a 10 percent discount on Woolworths and Big W online purchases; instead, the discount will only be applicable in-store. Lastly, the points earned for both online and in-store shopping at Woolworths and Big W have been reduced from 3x to 2x.

These changes mean that consumers will be paying more while receiving fewer benefits. However, Woolworths argues that these modifications were necessary to ensure the program continues to offer great value to its members and remains a core part of their service.

A spokesperson for the company stated, “Everyday Extra has been in a pilot phase for the past year. As we look to roll out the Everyday Extra program more broadly, we’ve had to make some changes to ensure it continues to provide great value to our members and a core part of our offering.”

They further explained, “We know the vast majority of Everyday Extra subscribers are redeeming their 10 percent discount in-store, and in order to streamline the offering, we have made the decision to make the 10 percent discount only available in-store.”

By reducing the points bonus, the retailer claims that it will be able to extend the service to more members and invest in additional member benefits in the future.

“Our Everyday Rewards program helps members save hundreds of dollars on their shopping every year, by earning reward points and enjoying special offers when shopping in our stores and with our partners,” said the spokesperson.

“It’s been a year since we started to trial Everyday Extra, and it’s been pleasing to see the value early subscribers have unlocked from the program, saving on average $30 a month.”

As the company continues to invest in Everyday Extra and their broader Everyday Rewards program, changes to the pricing and benefits will be implemented in the coming months, with these adjustments taking effect on July 1, according to the spokesperson.

They assured subscribers that even with the changes, Everyday Extra members can still save up to $100 a month through monthly discounts when shopping at Woolworths and Big W. They will also continue to receive double Everyday Rewards points on their regular shopping and enjoy Extra Perks, including free products.

Woolworths advised members who wish to continue their Extra subscription to regularly check the Everyday Rewards app. This will enable them to quickly activate offers and boosters, which often include 10x points on specific products, making it easier for members to reach their next redemption even quicker.

However, many consumers expressed their dissatisfaction with the changes, with some even threatening to cancel their subscription. In an online poll conducted among almost 2,000 members, 67 percent indicated that not having access to the 10 percent discount for online shopping was a “deal-breaker.”

Responding to the changes, one person shared, “Having no car due to the cost of living pressure and a little one, the only way I can shop at Woolies is online once a month. Losing the online code for Woolworths is a huge deal-breaker for us as we get a huge benefit from it.”

Another customer stated, “I live 1.5 hours from a Woolworths and do a big online shop monthly. The main reason I used it was for the discount, so no online code is a deal-breaker.”

Expressing a similar sentiment, a third individual wrote, “Losing my 10 percent off online means I’ll cancel my subscription as I do 95 percent of my shopping online as I find it too hard to get to the shops.”

To mitigate the impact of the changes, Woolworths has taken steps to offer some compensation to Everyday Extra subscribers. They have extended three months of additional free access to the current annual plan, providing subscribers with added value. Monthly subscribers will also receive a complimentary month of service.

Woolworths recognizes the frustration expressed by customers and acknowledges the importance of online shopping convenience. They remain committed to enhancing the Everyday Rewards program and are constantly exploring ways to improve member benefits.

While the recent changes have sparked disappointment among shoppers, Woolworths encourages customers to continue utilizing the Everyday Rewards app. Regularly checking the app will allow members to activate exclusive offers and boosters, often providing opportunities to earn 10 times the usual reward points on select products. This feature aims to simplify the path to redeeming rewards, assisting members in reaching their goals more quickly.

The modifications to the Everyday Rewards Extra program will come into effect on July 1, as communicated by a spokesperson from Woolworths.

In summary, despite the dissatisfaction expressed by shoppers, Woolworths defends the changes to the Everyday Rewards Extra program as necessary to maintain its value and extend its benefits to a wider range of members. While some features have been reduced, the company is committed to continuously enhancing the program and ensuring that members can still enjoy substantial savings and perks through the Everyday Rewards app.

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