Why Every Supermarket Owner Needs an Accountability Buddy

While one of the advantages to being a business owner of your own supermarket is the ability to be your own boss, it would be an oversight to believe that growing a business is truly easiest to do alone. When it comes to expanding your business, diversifying or growing sales channels, and simply achieving all of the goals you’ve set for your business, it can be immensely helpful to have someone trustworthy and experienced to turn to. This is where an accountability buddy can really make a difference.

From providing valuable feedback, to simply offering a helpful hand or open ear, accountability buddies, or accountability partners are individuals whose specific purpose is to provide you with guidance and advice based on experience and wisdom. One of the best ways to overcome a plateau or simply improve your business model is to look for someone with an educated perspective in your industry who has your best interests at heart. This being said, an accountability buddy may be the missing piece that can take your grocery store to the next level.

Provide A New Perspective
Running your own business can be incredibly rewarding for the sense of accomplishment you feel after building something successful from the ground up. However, there can be a point where complete self-reliance becomes limiting. As the owner of your supermarket, you know the ins and outs of your business better than anyone. You have an intimate view of the business model, the stock you are sourcing, and the way that things are run. However, being so close to your own work can make finding a fresh perspective hard, and it can make objectivity even harder.

Having an accountability buddy that is an expert in the ins and outs of the supermarket industry, but is not so directly involved in your individual supermarket can be exactly the opportunity you need to have qualified eyes to evaluate your business. An accountability buddy can provide fresh ideas, a truly objective perspective, and give you insight that you may not be able to garner from either yourself or those working around or under you.

Give Constructive Feedback
Sometimes it can be hard to tell yourself the things that you need to hear. Family, friends, and even employees also may be more willing to tell you what you want to hear rather than give you constructive feedback. An accountability partner is an individual who can provide you with honest and constructive feedback, or even criticism when it is needed. Instead of feeling trapped in your own head, or inside of an echo chamber, accountability buddies are there to give you trustworthy and qualified advice on what is and isn’t working at your supermarket.

They’re Here To Listen
This industry can be tough. When things go wrong or something unexpected happens, you don’t want to navigate these challenges alone. An accountability buddy is there to help when the unexpected happens. While they are great at providing feedback and advice, they’re also there to listen. Sometimes, simply explaining the challenges you are facing is the next step to solving or overcoming them. Accountability buddies are the open ear you’re looking for, and a sounding board for all of your best ideas.

They Hold You Accountable
One of the many reasons people do not reach personal and business goals is that nobody is there to hold them accountable besides themselves. Any business owner knows it is much easier to fall short of personal business goals when you haven’t divulged them to anyone besides yourself. An accountability buddy is aptly named, as they are the second person who most wants you to succeed.

When you feel the encouragement or even pressure of another person who is invested in your success, the motivation that stems from this makes a world of difference. Business owners with accountability partners are more likely to reach their goals and therefore more likely to grow overall. The motivation, watchful care, and attention given by accountability buddies can be exactly the partnership needed to overcome the hurdles that are preventing your grocery store from reaching new heights.

IndiHub Is On Your Team
If you’re looking for someone to hold you accountable, provide expert feedback based on years of experience, and give you the space to express challenges and setbacks you are facing at your supermarket, IndiHub is here to help. We want to provide this partnership and support to all of our members. We know all supermarket owners want to grow while finding ways to save valuable time and money, and we have the ideas and experience to help make that happen. If you’re interested in an accountability partnership, reach out today. At IndiHub, we believe that growth is easier together.

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