Urgent recall of range for smoked fish products

An urgent national recall has been announced for a range of smoked fish products after a dangerous bacteria was detected.

Health authorities in South Australia announced on Sunday they had found listeria in five food products produced by Harris Smokehouse.

The products affected are Everyday Smashed Smoked Salmon, Premium Smoked Salmon, Hot Smoked Ocean Trout, Hot Smoked Barramundi and Smoked Salmon Trimmings.

No cases of listeriosis, the disease caused by the bacteria, have been found.

Health authorities warn infection could be particularly dangerous for pregnant, elderly or immunocompromised Australians.

Listeriosis usually manifests in mild sickness with symptoms including fever, chills, vomiting, neck stiffness and a confused mindset.

Symptoms can appear up to six weeks after exposure to the listeria bacteria.

The five Harris Smokehouse products are sold in IGA and Foodland stores in every state except Tasmania.

Just under 2000 of the products were sold before the health alert was issued. Those who have already purchased and consumed the Harris Smokehouse products are being asked to monitor for symptoms.

The remaining products have been removed from the shelves, as outlined below.

Harris Smokehouse products being recalled
– Hot Smoked Barramundi 150g (Use by 28/7/2022 through to 4/8/2022)

– Hot Smoked Trout Blackening Spice 150g (Use by 1/8/2022 through to 4/8/2022)

– Everyday Smashed Smoked Salmon 150g (Use by 20/7/2022 through to 28/7/2022)

– Premium Smoked Salmon 100g, 250g, 500g, and 1kg (Use by 18/7/2022 through to 8/8/2022)

– Smoked Salmon Trimmings 250g (Use by 25/7/2022 through to 29/7/2022)


Extracted from The Australian

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