Improving Recycling At Your Supermarket

It can be difficult to keep up the effectiveness of the recycling program at your supermarket, being that many of your customers are in a hurry. And, if they’re not in a hurry, they’re using your supermarket as a dumping ground for the rubbish in their vehicle.

Here are some things you can do to meet your sustainability goals and protect your recycling streams.

Keep Your Streams Together

If you place your rubbish receptacle near the pumps and your recycling bin near the store entry, most customers will put everything in the most convenient location – the one close to where they’re parked. You can avoid stream contamination by investing in a solution that collects all types of recycling, separated by a bag for each kind. Make sure to mark your bin with colours or posters to let customers know where to toss each item.

Use Simple Images

Using simple images of specific products used at your supermarket will help customers make the right choice when they throw something away. Keep your graphics simple (with 3-6 images) and avoid overcomplication with clear, colourful images at eye level.

Choose the Right Bins

Performing a waste audit on indoor and outdoor receptacles gives you a good idea of how much waste your supermarket collects in a day. With that information, determine the capacity of the recycling containers that best suits your business.

Use Rigid Liners

Chances are that most of your customers won’t take the time to empty containers before throwing them into receptacles. So, to prevent mess, equip your recycling bins with liquid capture solutions like rigid liners.

Put Bins in High Traffic Areas

Place waste bins and recycling bins at every pump. Customers are looking for convenience, so if the bin is too far away, it’s unlikely they’ll take the time to walk over to it.

Choose Sturdy Bins

Consider your climate when choosing recycling bins for your supermarket. Remember that they need to withstand the weather year-round – so keep durability in mind as you choose receptacles for your supermarket. Consider anchor kits, too, to keep your bins safe and grounded.

Your Sustainable supermarket

IndiHub cares about the sustainability of your supermarket, and your recycling program is an integral aspect of your sustainable goal. To learn more about keeping your business as environmentally friendly as possible, or if you need a supplier for recycling bins, get in contact with us.

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