Woolworths CEO Addresses Self-Service Checkout Concerns

Woolworths Group CEO Brad Banducci recently addressed concerns over self-service checkouts in a customer email. He countered the belief that these checkouts reduce employment, asserting that Woolworths has more staff than ever, including 5500 new Personal Shoppers for online orders.

Banducci’s update follows discussions about whether Woolworths and Coles would revert to only manned checkouts, as some global chains are reconsidering their self-service strategies. British retailer Booths and several U.S. stores like Walmart and Costco are revising their approaches, but Australia’s major supermarkets have no plans to eliminate self-service checkouts.

A Woolworths spokesperson highlighted the convenience and popularity of self-service checkouts and emphasised the company’s employment growth to accommodate various shopping experiences like rapid grocery delivery. Similarly, a Coles spokesperson praised the efficiency of self-service checkouts and noted their increasing customer preference. Coles has added 22,000 team members in the last five years.

As the festive season approaches, Banducci also addressed the rise in customer mistreatment of staff, a shift from the appreciation shown during the pandemic. He emphasised the importance of treating team members with respect and kindness.

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