Why Your Supermarket Needs a Whistleblower Policy

At the workplace, instances of misconduct are inevitable, but reporting it can be difficult for employees. Whistleblowers are individuals who report such misconduct, and they play a crucial role in the success and functioning of a supermarket. To encourage more employees to come forward and act as whistleblowers, it is recommended to implement a whistleblower policy. This policy reinforces ethical behaviour, explains the protections provided by the law to whistleblowers, and incentivizes reporting of misconduct.

A whistleblower policy is an internal process within a supermarket which centres on whistleblowers reporting important information about misconduct. Although public companies, large proprietary companies, and corporate trustees of APRA-regulated superannuation entities are legally required to have a whistleblower policy, it is still advisable for all supermarkets to have a process in place for handling whistleblower concerns. This ensures that whistleblowers feel safe and protected when they come forward, contributing to a legal, ethical, and safe workplace.

A standard whistleblower policy should include protection measures for whistleblowers, methods for disclosing misconduct, the supermarket’s support for whistleblowers, types of conduct that should be disclosed, and how the information will be investigated. The policy should emphasize that whistleblowers are protected by the law, including keeping their identity confidential, prohibiting threats or harm to whistleblowers, and providing compensation for any damage sustained due to their disclosure.

Implementing a whistleblower policy is best practice to ensure that employees feel safe and protected when reporting questionable conduct. By providing legal protections and preventing backlash from others, employees are more likely to come forward sooner, allowing the supermarket to address any reported misconduct promptly. IndiHub offers HR, Work Health, and Safety templates for easy policy development, which can be accessed in the Member’s Portal.

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