Why HR Policies and Procedures Are Essential

HR policies and procedures are the foundation of any successful business. They give legal protection by providing documentation of compliance with federal, state, and local labour laws and essentially guide every employee to optimise a company’s productivity.

Policies and Procedures: What’s the Difference?

Policies are continuing guidelines or rules used to manage your employees and make reasonable decisions under any given circumstances with the framework of objectives and goals as determined by senior management.

On the other hand, procedures are the instructed methods to essentially uphold the goals of said policies. They’re step-by-step instructions (or preventative measures) given to employees, meant to be followed as a consistent, repetitive approach to accomplish a specific result.

These guidelines can be given to the employees via an employee handbook or an otherwise readily available form. Some laws require a company’s policies and procedures to be given in written form, depending on your region.

Different Policies and Their Benefits


A conduct policy describes what behaviour is acceptable in the workplace and what isn’t so that everyone in the workplace is safe and comfortable. Conduct policies should specifically include:

  • Sexual harassment
  • Anti-discrimination
  • Drugs, alcohol, and smoking


Let your employees know when they’re expected to be in the workplace and what to do if they cannot attend. Outline work hours and breaks, tardiness repercussions, and how to take a personal day. This policy directs employees for regular attendance to optimise company productivity.

Leave and Time Off

These policies address a company’s rules and procedures regarding holidays, sick time, and other types of benefits provided and leave (family, medical, maternity/paternity, etc.) in accordance with labour laws and company policy.

Health and Safety

Health and safety policies describe emergency procedures and require employees to report work-related injuries. If an employee is seriously hurt or there is a threat in the building, it provides employees with detailed instructions to keep themselves and everyone else safe.

These HR policies and procedures, along with many more, give companies organisational structure and consistency while ensuring all legalities are in check. They create a healthy workplace that keeps employees and management happy, safe, and successful.

IndiHub Can Help

If your business requires proper policies and procedures that align with your company’s goals and your state or territory laws, IndiHub can help. We offer several services that are specifically designed to satisfy government regulations.

In addition to providing advice and guidance, we have many HR, Work Health, and Safety Templates for easy policy development and can be accessed in your Member’s Portal. The HR organisation is essential for your business to flourish, so don’t wait! Contact us today to get your policies and procedures in place.

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