Shoppers complain about being zapped at Adelaide supermarket

Customers visiting an Adelaide supermarket are encountering an unusual experience while they do their shopping.

Customers at an Adelaide shopping centre are in for a shock, quite literally.

Shoppers at Brighton Foodland supermarket have taken to social media to ask whether they’re the only ones feeling electric shocks while doing their grocery shopping.

Shane Lavida was the first to kick off conversation with a post to a local community page on Facebook, ABC News Adelaide reports.

“Anyone else get massive electric shocks when doing the shopping at Brighton Foodland,” he questioned.

“It’s not a pleasant experience and I was never a natural break dancer until I started getting zapped there.”

His query sparked discussion online, with others telling of their experience of being zapped.

“Every time I go there I get shocked. I avoid the store now if I can. It’s been a hot topic locally for a long time,” one customer said.

“Happens to me all the time and is not pleasant so hopefully a solution can be found,” said another.

Shoppers have indicated that the surge is typically felt between the fridge and dog food aisles, while other victims have blamed their shoes.

“I get shocks all the time at Brighton Foodland. Thought it must have been caused by my shoes. Very unpleasant,” a concerned customer commented.

“Happens most visits for me. Also depends what shoes I’m wearing. Sneakers are the worse culprits,” commented a second.

But as most customers expressed their concern, some saw the funny side of the unpleasant surprise.

“Source of amusement for my husband and shocking me when shopping!!!,” one woman said.

“This is shocking,” added another.

It is believed that static electricity is causing the problem, with Foodland chief executive Franklin dos Santos telling ABC News Adelaide the store was searching for ways to stop the shock as not everyone was experiencing it.

“The store has done absolutely everything they can to try and address the issue at the moment,” he said.

“Fundamentally, there‘s a lot of moisture that occurs in the supermarket. If you think about the fridges, you think about the environment that you’re in, they discharge refrigeration moisture into the air.”

Mr dos Santos also added that electricians have installed dehumidifiers into the airconditioning and that the store is trialling trolleys with antistatic wheels.

Customers have reported feeling the shocks between the fridge section and the dog food aisle. Picture: Facebook / Brighton Foodland
Customers have reported feeling the shocks between the fridge section and the dog food aisle. Picture: Facebook / Brighton Foodland


But it’s not just Brighton Foodland customers encountering the shock, with Mr Lavida’s post encouraging others to share similar experiences elsewhere.

Munno Para, Parabanks and Woodside Foodland were among a number of Adelaide shopping centres where customers reported a similar problem.

“Happens to me all the time at Munno Para too, it’s our plastic shoes and static electricity build-up, pity I touch a shelf and not another person because that would be more fun,” one Adelaidean joked. has contacted Foodland for further comment on the issue.


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