Supermarket bosses share their tips to save cash at the checkout

As the cost of living skyrockets, Australia’s leading supermarket bosses have shared their in-store tips, tricks, deals and programs on offer to save Aussies save their hard earned cash.

Rising interest rates, power, petrol and food prices are putting a strain on many household budgets.

But supermarkets are promising to help, offering a range of deals, specials and savings for everyone.


Coles chief operations and sustainability officer Matt Swindells said its focus is on providing families with an affordable protein of choice which can then be combined with staple items, like $1 pasta and tinned tomatoes for 80 cents.

He said today, “chicken drumsticks … have come down to $4 … pork mince, that’s come down from $6 to $4.50”.

Swindells told A Current Affair while looking at a spaghetti packet this it is: “100 per cent Australian wheat, good source of fibre, ten minutes to cook and a dollar.”

“Lentils (are) 80 cents for a tin, adds more protein, bulks out the sauce, gives it a bit of texture,” he added.

“Spaghetti pork meatballs with lentils for extra health and protein, family of four, that one is less than $10.”

He suggests buying from Coles-branded products.

“We’ve also got a range of 1500 lines that have remained down in price for the last 12 months,” Swindells said.

The store is also giving Flybuys members triple points until June 28.


At Woolworths, there’s a price freeze on almost 200 essential trolley items until the end of the year.

“Like flour, rice, sugar, juice, nappies, baby food, pasta, pasta sauce,” chief commercial officer of Woolworths Group, Paul Harker, said.

“We’re going to hold that price for the rest of the holiday year.”

Harker said Woolies has around 5000 specials in store each week across a number of categories and brands and some of them are up to 50 per cent off.

Weekly specials drop each Wednesday and are held to the following Tuesday and there’s also winter deals running until August.

“Whether it’s pork roasts or things like that – we’ve lowered the price of those products and given customers certainty that they’ll get great prices and great savings,” Harker said.

Signing up to Woolworths Every Day Rewards can also provide shoppers with huge benefits.

“Every time you shop and scan your rewards card you earn points and when you get 2000 points you get $10 off your next shop and you can actually bank those up if you like,” he said.


IGA stores are independently owned and at head office, a lot is being done to roll out nationwide savings.

“Sweet potato is an excellent option at the moment. At just $1.80 a kilo you can feed a whole lot of family, for really, really cheap,” Jones Retail Group general manager David Kindt said.

“We’ve got a beautiful IGA corned silverside for just $10.95 a kilo accompanied with that winter veg that makes for a pretty cheap family meal.”

IGA promises it’s doing everything it can to get the best possible price for customers – even selling lettuce below market value.

In order to save even more at the checkout, Kindt recommends signing up to the IGA catalogue, which offers hundreds of good value items each week, or to register with the store to receive exclusive deals.

“We have an IGA rewards program and customers can come and join that program free of charge and save money on hundreds of items,” he said.


Aldi director of customer interactions Adrian Christie said an average family can save up to $2468 a year by shopping there.

“The prices are everyday low prices. What we mean by that is we keep them at the same low prices, they don’t go up and down,” Christie said.

“So, one week it won’t be expensive and the next will be half-off.

“Every week it’s the same price.”

Aldi also offers weekly, fortnightly and monthly super savers on items like meat, readymade meals, dips and beauty products.

“You can do a bulk of your shopping at Aldi, a lot of the customers come to us first and they do all of their essential items,” Christie said.

“So, we have great prices on meat, you can get about an 18 per cent discount on meat when you shop at Aldi and it’s all Australian-made and high quality.”


Extracted from 9now


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