Shoppers impressed with the improved Deer Park IGA

Deer Park IGA has been transformed under the ownership of Hitesh Palta and his family.

Since taking over the much loved grocery business in November 2020, Mr Palta’s team of local employees has grown from 7 to 16.

In the same time, 10,000 new grocery lines have been added across every department from the deli, to fruit and vegetables, dairy, groceries and liquor.

The liquor department in particular is now a store highlight having grown from 100 square metres to 350 square metres.

Customers often comment that it is now one of their favourite parts of the store, thanks to new and expanded display cabinets offering high end choices as well as more affordable selections of wine, beer, spirits and liqueurs.

In total, Deer Park IGA now offers over 1300 square metres of shopping. Fridge capacity has been increased by 32 doors.

“We have just finished the second round of renovations where we have increased the range of liquor. In fact we have tripled the size of the previous liquor department,“ explained Mr Palta, who has more than 20 years’ experience in the supermarket industry.

He and his family operate five other supermarkets.

Mr Palta is particularly proud of the Deer Park store, which now offers a one-stop shopping experience.

Fresh fruit and vegetables are sourced daily from local markets. At the deli department customers can now ’grab and go’ a range of fresh sandwiches, pre-packed sliced meats, anti pasto, cheese from the cheese bar, hot food including roast chickens and both hot and cold healthy choice ready-to-heat meals.

There is a full aisle of kids’ toys including games and stationery. There is also a small hardware section for those DIY jobs and a range of gift ideas.

The store is open Thursday 7am–9pm, Friday 7am–9pm, Saturday7am–9pm, Sunday 8am–8pm, Monday 7am–9pm, Tuesday7am–9pm and Wednesday 7am–9pm at 10/8 Hatchlands Drive.

Drop by today and say hello to the friendly staff. By shopping at IGA customers have a chance to give back to the community thanks to the IGA Community Chest Program. For more on the community chest as well as recipe ideas and this week’s specials go to


Extracted from Star Weekly

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