Revolutionising Meat Labels: Empowering Consumers with Transparency

A significant proposal regarding meat consumption is underway: labelling meat in a manner similar to egg classification. However, this initiative may increase the cost of meat products.

The Meat Standards Australia quality index, created by the farming industry, aims to elevate the quality of red meat. This index draws from an extensive pool of data, including 1.7 million consumer taste tests conducted by 250,000 individuals in 13 countries. However, it’s important to note that this index does not account for the animals’ diet. Rather, it emphasises factors such as the animal’s gender, weight, and marbling.

According to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), certain claims like “organic certification” are not mandatory for products to be marketed as such in Australia.

Bianca Tarrant, a farmer from New South Wales and co-founder of Our Cow, advocates for a grading system for feedlot and free-range cows, similar to the classification system used for eggs. Such a system would provide consumers with information regarding the diet of the cow, including whether it was grass-fed, grain-fed, organic, or hormone-free.

Tarrant asserts that empowering consumers with this knowledge enables them to make informed decisions about their purchases. She highlights that the current Meat Standards Australia grading system does not necessarily indicate whether the beef is grass-fed, grain-fed, industrially farmed, or free-range. Rather, it serves as a general standard for eating quality established by the governing body, Meat and Livestock Australia.

She emphasises the diversity of farming practices, noting that grass-fed cattle farming demands exceptional pastures, labour-intensive processes, and specific geographical locations. Tarrant draws parallels between the pricing of eggs and meat, indicating that the cost often reflects the method of animal rearing.

In light of the challenges faced by the egg industry, Tarrant believes it’s time to apply similar transparency and standards to the meat industry. She underscores the importance of not only consuming more meat but prioritising higher quality options.

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