Proven Strategies for Customer Satisfaction at your Supermarket

In so many ways, a small business is only as good as its brand reputation. This means maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction is not only preferable, but can be the difference between the success, and underperformance of your supermarket.

Luckily, keeping your customers happy is easier than you may think. By keeping a few simple tactics in mind, you can make sure that every customer leaves with a positive and lasting impression of your supermarket.

Prioritise Cleanliness
You only get one chance to make a first impression. One of the first things your customers will notice at your supermarket is the level of cleanliness. Neglecting daily cleaning of all of your customer facing spaces is a fast way to collect less than positive reviews. While cleanliness has always been important, it has only risen in priority over the last year.

The pandemic has widened the visible divide between businesses that take cleaning seriously and those that do not. While deep cleaning may not be possible every day, ensure that spaces such as customer bathrooms, registers, and aisles are all cleaned and disinfected daily.

Aesthetics Matter
When it comes to good business, looks do matter. Perhaps just not in the way you may think. While your supermarket doesn’t have to be the pinnacle of architectural design, it shouldn’t be an eyesore either. Customers don’t want to spend more time than necessary in spaces that feel old, outdated, or hard to navigate.

Taking the time to ensure that your stock is organized and pleasing to the eye will create a visually seamless experience for customers. Utilizing good branding throughout your space is another way to not only up the aesthetic appeal of your supermarket, but create a memorable image for customers.

Great Customer Service
Perhaps the most important thing you can do to keep your customer base happy to provide your consumers with great, consistent customer service. Going above and beyond to cater to your customer nearly always makes a difference, and can provide you with a far higher volume of regulars.

Customer service extends beyond personal interactions. Gestures such as offering disinfectant wipes and sanitiser at the deli and registers, making garbage cans readily available, and having an open and accessible bathroom are all great ways to make your customers feel seen and keep them happy.

Keep Product Stocked
Nothing is more frustrating for customers than lining up only to realise that multiple products are out of stock, or that the particular item they visited you for is out of stock. Keeping customers happy means ensuring that your supermarket is on top of stocking all regular items.

Your supermarket should become a reliable stop in your customer’s day or week and part of establishing this return business are offering consistent, reliably stocked products.

Clear Signage
Often underrated, part of facilitating a great experience for your customers is ensuring that your supermarket is clearly marked and easy to navigate. Providing designated areas for various purposes will help your customer avoid confusion and move more easily throughout your business.

In the parking area, clearly mark traffic direction to avoid both accidents and congestion. Ensure all safety information is up to date at the pumps, and clearly indicate all customer walkways and parking. The more confident your customer feels navigating your business, the happier they will be with their experience.

Regular Maintenance
A quick way to disappoint a potential customer is to watch them pull in, only to have them realise several critical points at your supermarket are in poor working condition, or do not work at all. From the pumps to your bathroom, ignoring necessary maintenance is not only dangerous but can simply become aggravating for your customer base.

Performing regular maintenance checks throughout your supermarket will help to prevent consumer disappointment, and go a long way towards keeping your customers happy.

At IndiHub we have a wide range of partners who can help you, keep your customers happy. From cleaning services to site renovations and facelifts to full redevelopments we can help you every step of the way.

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