Per-Serve Pricing: A Game-Changer for Healthy Eating

In a groundbreaking effort to reshape how we think about the affordability of fruits and veggies, a new approach to marketing is underway. The goal? To boost consumption and encourage healthier eating habits.

Partnering up with a major supermarket chain, two universities in Victoria are spearheading a trial that introduces per-serve pricing for fresh produce. Instead of just focusing on the cost per kilogram, this innovative strategy breaks it down to show consumers exactly how much they’re paying for an individual serving.

Dr Fiona Newton, lead researcher from Monash Business School, emphasises the importance of this shift: “When you see the price per kilogram, it’s easy to overlook how much you need for a proper serving. But when you realise that a single serving of green beans, for example, costs less than a dollar, it changes the perspective.”

The idea stemmed from data revealing that most Aussies aren’t meeting their daily recommended intake of fruits and veggies. By addressing affordability perceptions, researchers aimed to bridge the gap between price and consumption.

The trial, conducted in collaboration with Ritchies Supermarkets, showcased per-serve pricing alongside the traditional per-kilogram rates. The results were eye-opening. Shoppers were more inclined to purchase loose fresh vegetables when presented with per-serve pricing information.

“This simple change provides clarity for consumers,” explains Dr. Newton. “They can easily see how much it’ll cost to get their daily servings of vegetables and fruits.” And the impact was significant: a 6.2% increase in loose vegetable purchases.

But the benefits don’t stop there. Recognising that serving sizes vary, researchers expanded their study to the UK, finding similar positive effects. By standardising serving sizes, they could effectively guide consumers towards healthier choices.

Ultimately, this approach offers a straightforward solution to a complex problem. By making fruits and veggies more accessible and understandable, we’re one step closer to a healthier, happier society.

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