Jones Retail Group: A Legacy of Excellence and Community Commitment

Founded three decades ago by Tyrone and Leanne Jones, Jones Retail Group has grown into a powerhouse in Southeast Queensland’s retail grocery sector. The couple has successfully expanded their family business, diversifying its offerings and establishing a strong market presence.

With family values at its core, Jones Retail Group is dedicated to employing local talent and supporting the community, particularly in the Redlands area. This commitment has fueled their expansion throughout Southeast Queensland.

The group’s success is built on three fundamental pillars: Fresh, Local, and Value.

“At Jones Retail Group, we are committed to making our Jones & Co Grocer IGA stores competitive in the marketplace. We price match the chains, source as many local products as possible, and work with over 300 different suppliers to ensure our customers never have a reason to shop elsewhere,” Tyrone Jones explained.

Jones Retail Group aims to be a community-focused independent supermarket that fosters a caring and supportive work environment. Its dedication to corporate social responsibility is evident through its charity, Heart of the Community Foundation, and its partnership with The Cage Youth Foundation.

Their annual Charity Race Day raised an impressive $60,000 in one day, contributing to over $200,000. This demonstrates their strong commitment to giving back to the communities they serve.

The group operates a network of award-winning Jones & Co Grocer IGA supermarkets in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, alongside a central Storehouse manufacturing facility. In-store brands like Little Sushi Co and Mrs. Jones Kitchen add unique offerings tailored to community needs.

Their accolades include winning International Retailer of the Year with their Supa IGA Mount Cotton location in 2021 and 2022.

Under the leadership of CEO David Kindt, the company has reached new heights. The Jones & Co Grocer IGA Queen Street Village was recently named IGA Queensland Large Store of the Year.

“Leanne, David, and I are proud of our team’s accomplishments, especially with our most innovative fresh food supermarket yet. We are excited to see how this store evolves,” Tyrone Jones remarked.

This award-winning store reflects years of learning and innovation, focusing on quality and community engagement. Tyrone Jones added, “The success of our newest store, just 16 months after opening, is a testament to our team’s hard work and dedication. They have set new standards of excellence in the industry.”

Jones Retail Group’s journey clearly demonstrates its commitment to excellence, innovation, and community. With a bold vision for the future and a relentless focus on customer value, Jones Retail Group is set to lead the retail sector in Queensland for years to come.

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