IGA Supermarkets: Driving Local Economies and Creating Jobs in Australia

According to Price Waterhouse Coopers (PwC) data, IGA supermarkets contribute over $8.2 billion to the Australian economy annually. With a network of more than 1400 independent family-owned supermarkets, IGA and Foodland IGA retailers are committed to supporting local communities throughout Australia.

The PwC study revealed that IGA and Foodland IGA are major employers, providing jobs to over 65,000 locals in stores across the country. Additionally, IGA retailers indirectly support 41,700 jobs through their supply chains, injecting more than $5.1 billion into local economies across Australia.

IGA supermarkets are known for their support of local producers, suppliers, farmers, and families, and the PwC research confirms this. Danielle Jenkinson, the IGA/Metcash Food Retail General Manager, emphasized the important role IGA stores play in supporting local communities across Australia. In addition to providing essential services and driving local economies, IGA is committed to delivering great value to shoppers through their Low Prices Every Day and Price Match programs and weekly catalogue specials.

IGA supermarkets support an estimated 34,000 local organizations, with each store providing support to over 60 organizations worth $194 million in financial, time, and in-kind contributions. Furthermore, IGA stores partner with food rescue charity Food For Change, with more than 200 stores creating over 1.8 million meals for the hungry and saving 1.3 million meals from landfill. Another 150 stores are in the process of being onboarded with Food For Change.

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