Dumped Groceries Found Near Melbourne Coles Store

In Melbourne’s south-east, a Coles supermarket faced an unusual situation as thousands of dollars worth of groceries were discovered dumped behind the store. The discarded items included non-perishable goods like nappies, flour, soft drinks, dog food, and toilet paper. The findings were made by a pair of tradies who stumbled upon skip bins outside the Chadstone Shopping Centre.

A spokesperson from Coles explained that the reason for disposing of these items was the presence of dust contamination caused by a nearby construction project. This contamination made the products unsuitable for sale and consumption. As a result, the Chadstone store temporarily suspended trading and initiated a thorough cleaning process to address the issue.

Despite the unfortunate situation, Coles remains committed to minimising waste and helping the community. When feasible, the supermarket donates products that meet safety and quality standards to food rescue organisations, ensuring that usable items are not wasted.

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