Cash Advocates Rally: Australians Urged to Boycott Major Retailers

A powerful coalition of cash advocates, with over 50,000 members, is urging Australians to boycott Coles and Woolworths stores nationwide due to their payment policies.

On Saturday, members of the Call out Cashless Businesses Facebook group issued a compelling plea for consumers to avoid these retail giants and instead support local family-owned businesses.

Supporters rally behind this boycott, deeming it vital to assert their autonomy and demonstrate that they refuse to be dictated to. Many have already been shunning the major chains in favour of smaller alternatives on a daily basis.

For instance, a social media user from South Australia expressed their preference for shopping at Drakes, IGA, and Foodland, highlighting these stores’ commitment to creating job opportunities within the community.

Others echoed similar sentiments, stating their longstanding personal protests against Coles and Woolworths, except in emergencies.

Within the Facebook group, some have labelled the shift towards cashless transactions as “financial fascism,” while others have lamented the adverse effects on local farmers.

The focus of criticism extends beyond just Coles and Woolworths. Other businesses, both large and small, including banks, amusement parks, and restaurant chains, have also found themselves in the crosshairs of the “Cash is King” movement.

Even light-hearted announcements, such as Nando’s playful declaration of going cashless, have faced severe backlash from the community.

The recent decision by Macquarie Bank to embrace a cashless model has further fueled discontent, with many arguing that cash must always be accepted as legal tender.

In the face of growing automation and cashless trends, this coalition remains steadfast in its mission to defend the role of cash and uphold the interests of local businesses and communities across Australia.

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