Brisbane Supermarket Fined $90,000 for Selling Nicotine Vapes to Minors

A supermarket located in Brisbane has been instructed to pay nearly $90,000 as a penalty for selling vapes containing nicotine to children as young as 13. Zam Zam Supermarket confessed last month to the offense of selling vapes and e-liquids containing nicotine. This occurred following an investigation conducted by Queensland Health

A high school deputy principal had filed complaints that children as young as 13 were purchasing vapes from the Kuraby business, which led to the investigation. Under Queensland law, nicotine is a controlled poison and the ban is enforced by health department officials. 

On May 13, 2021, the Metro South Public Health Unit, with the assistance of the Australian Taxation Office and the police, executed two search warrants on properties in Kuraby and seized more than 45,000 vapes and 33 e-liquids. 

Zam Zam Supermarket pleaded guilty to two counts of possession and sale of vapes and e-liquids containing nicotine in Holland Park Magistrates Court on April 18, 2023. As a consequence, the company was ordered by the magistrate to pay $88,845, which includes analyst and legal costs, and a conviction was registered.

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