Australian supermarkets struggle to keep up with demand

There is one product that Australian supermarkets can’t seem to restock their shelves fast enough with, and it’s an essential winter item.

Australia’s major supermarkets are struggling to stock shelves of tissues to meet soaring demand, as rates of Covid-19 and flu multiply across the country.

A Coles spokesman said there was an industry-wide issue affecting Australia when it comes to tissues.

“We want to assure customers that there will be enough stock to get them through this flu season,” a spokesman told

“Customers may notice that some stores might not have their usual brands of facial tissues in stock at the moment

“We are encouraging shoppers to be flexible if the products they would usually purchase are not available.”

A Woolworths spokesman said it was experiencing a similar supply issue when it came to cold and flu products.

“Given the recent cold snap and early start to the flu season, there’s quite a lot of demand for a range of medicinal and paper goods products, including cold and flu tablets, throat lozenges and tissues,” the spokesman said.

He said Woolies was working with suppliers to rectify the problem and have alternatives available to most of the preferred brands.

There are no product buying limits being imposed at any of the supermarkets at this time.

Shoppers have taken to social media to complain about empty shelves of care products, including tissues, pain medication, and other cold and flu products.

There were 65,775 confirmed cases of influenza across Australia in May compared with the previous record of 30,372 cases, which was set in May 2019.

Last week, Health Security Systems Australia General Manager Dr Felicia Pradera told NCA Newswire that Australia was experiencing the “perfect storm” of conditions for flu to thrive.

A lack of mask wearing, greater contact between people and widespread international travel have all contributed to the bumper fly season so far.


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