Australia is Facing its Worst Energy Crisis in 50 Years

As of right now, in 2022, Australia is facing the worst energy crisis that the country has seen in 50 years.

Last week, the regulator approved a rise in rates that will be effective come the 1st of July. With this increase, energy rates will soar as high as 19%. Due to this price hike, energy retailers like ReAmped, LPE, and Discover Energy are letting their customers know that would benefit them to look elsewhere for a better deal.

If you don’t start looking now, you may see their current prices double – and that’s something that not all supermarkets can afford.

These incredibly high prices impact everyone in Australia. They can affect homes and small businesses alike, which is why it’s important for our members at IndiHub to be aware of the looming spike. To remedy this issue, we wanted to make you aware of Make It Cheaper and their effective practice of conducting energy reviews.

At IndiHub, Make It Cheaper is our valued partner for energy. Their energy review is quick and easy – but the best part of all? It’s completely free to compare and make the switch.

Shopping around for better energy deals in Australia has never been more important than it is right now. There are plenty of competitive offers out there, and Make It Cheaper will help you find the deal that most benefits your supermarket.

In order to get started on this review, send your energy bills to Matt Ritson or contact him directly. He can get the process started and introduce incredible energy savings to your store in the near future!

Let us help your business during these difficult times. There’s no time to wait – act now! Get in touch with Matt at IndiHub today on 0404 335 559 or [email protected]

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