Aldi Named Supermarket of the Year

Aldi has clinched the prestigious title of Supermarket of the Year for 2023, emerging victorious in a renowned customer satisfaction awards program. Roy Morgan, a respected market research group, bestowed this honour upon the grocery giant, outshining competitors like Coles and Woolworths.

This marks Aldi’s fourth consecutive win and its seventh triumph overall in this esteemed accolade. Roy Morgan’s thorough research unveiled Aldi’s outstanding performance, with an impressive average customer satisfaction score of 95.7 percent, garnered from face-to-face interactions at their supermarkets. Notably, Aldi’s efforts translated into substantial savings of $3.4 billion for Australians throughout 2023.

Simon Padovani-Ginies, Aldi Australia group director, attributed this success to the unwavering dedication to their shoppers. He emphasised the collaborative efforts of Aldi’s exceptional team and supply partners in achieving this milestone. Padovani-Ginies underscored Aldi’s commitment to providing top-quality products at unbeatable prices, particularly amidst the ongoing economic challenges consumers face.

Roy Morgan’s comprehensive survey, engaging over 60,000 Australians, is a barometer for customer satisfaction, trust, and engagement across various industries. Among the distinguished winners are P & N Bank as Bank of the Year, Commonwealth Bank as Major Bank of the Year, and Supercheap Auto as Auto Store of the Year.

The recognition bestowed upon Aldi comes at a crucial time when households grapple with the escalating cost of living, evident in soaring grocery expenses and utility bills. According to data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, food prices surged by 8 percent, while travel and accommodation costs spiked by 25 percent over the past year. Despite these economic challenges, Aldi’s commitment to delivering value remains steadfast, resonating positively with Australian consumers.

In conclusion, Aldi’s consistent success in the Customer Satisfaction Awards reflects its unwavering dedication to providing exceptional value and quality to shoppers nationwide, making it a deserving recipient of the esteemed title of Supermarket of the Year.

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